Sunday, February 18, 2007

Britney Spears: Bald-headed Celery of Humanity

Once upon a time shaving your head and getting a few tats wasn't considered news. It was considered being a Marine.

She might as well go Semper Fi--she hasn't had a hit album in several years, and the only one to chart in the past few was a bunch of remixes.

It's interesting to see what drops by the wayside when distilling the essence of pop culture. Let's compare Britney with Christina Aguilera. Both became popular at almost exactly the same time. Both swapped spit with Madonna on MTV. Christina's newest album went to #1, and the third single from it is still charting on Billboard.

But take a look at this:

The one with the critically acclaimed, immensely popular record is getting less than forty precent of the publicity that Commando Britney's getting. Yeah, it's probably not fair comparing them the week Britney decides to go all Sinead on us, but then again, why should a haircut make so much news?

Another interesting aspect is the reasons I've been hearing. One rumor is that this is for some sort of performance piece--a music video or something. Another was that she doesn't want to be a sex symbol anymore. Do either of these excuses ring true to any of you?

Me neither.

One time Mousketeer/Former Jailbait Popstar/Current GI Jane Britney Spears: Another stalk on the celery of humanity.



terry said...

if christina were still wearing those leather chaps and talking about clit piercings, she might be making more headlines. it's interesting that her recent disclosure that she and her husbands spend sundays naked made more news than her killer grammy performance.

as for the britster, someone needs to guide this girl out of the mess she's in. she seems like a lost little puppy to me. and i do not understand our fascination with her.

Heidi the Hick said...

Whew. I just wrote about this exact same thing today.

As for the Christina comparison, there is NO comparison. Anybody who watched the grammys this year- all five of us- knows this. She's grown up enough now that she's too busy making great records and spending naked sundays with her hubby to pull publicity stunts.

However...she is for sure lost. She needs help and it bothers me badly that she's not getting it.

Jeannette said...

I love Christina more now that she's grown up. And good for her on her Naked Sundays. She should enjoy them now because when the kids come, it stops. Ah, memories.

The latest rumor that I heard about Britney was that FED-Ex made a threat about taking a hair sample from her to have it tested for drug use and then have her declared unfit as a mother to gain custody of the kids.

Whatever her problem is, she needs to get it fixed ASAP. She's a mess.

On your new blog...great idea. LOVE it.

Lara said...

Ok, you're taking the easy ones on this blog. Paris & Britney? Who's next, Lindsey Lohan? C'mon... don't wimp out... you can find some celery with a BIT more fiber can't you? How about some male celery? We know they're out there, and we're counting on you!!