Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith: Expired Celery of Humanity

I’ve been puzzling over how best to address this subject without sounding cruel, or speaking ill of the dead. But it begs for comment.

Were you surprised when she died? I wasn’t. Not a bit. Let’s face it; she was most famous for being a train wreck.

Yeah, I remember the Guess jeans campaign. She looked amazing then. But could she possibly have become a household name just for being pretty? For being a Playboy Playmate of the year? There are loads of pretty models out there, and loads of women who pose for Playboy. I don’t see them generating the kind of attention she got (and is still getting). Wasn’t it the wacky marriage to the 1000-year-old gazillionaire that first got her into the tabloids?

And then there was the reality show. Oh my GOD. Okay, first... how'd that happen? Who at the E! channel thought this was a good idea? I must admit, though, it was hard not to watch this seemingly constantly drug-addled woman slurring her way through life with the constant presence of an assistant and her "lawyer." (What IS his deal, anyway? Is he just a Svengali? What was his real role in her life? I don’t for a second believe he’s her baby daddy. But why'd she have a lawyer with her everywhere she went?)

Did she do anything of substance during the course of this show, aside from seek out freebies and make odd public appearances? Was this really the focus of her life, or just what we were allowed to see? Actually, I remember thinking the most surprising thing about the show was how normal her son seemed. Most of the time, I sat there watching with my mouth open, stunned.

Then she generated headlines for gaining weight (I had no idea I could be famous for that. I've been missing out!) and then losing it. Yeah, I’m sure it was all about the Trimspa, baby, and no other drug that might help speed up the metabolism...

Why was she so famous? And what justifies this veritable orgy of "news" coverage of her death? I work in media, and I don't get it at all. Why are we so interested in this sad, mess of a soul?

And now, there's this, which is just horrifying. I mean, WTF??:

Anna Nicole Smith: hopefully resting in peace Celery of Humanity.


Balloon Pirate said...

I saw a few clips of that video on Countdown, but didn't ever watch the whole thing. Wow. Talk about a woman hell-bent for death.

Well done!


Natalia said...

What's sad is all the people who latched on to her when she became rich and sucked her dry. Not money-wise, cause she had enough to go around, but they sucked her dry of life. She was always a train wreck but the people around her made it worse. Someone should have told her to get help.


terry said...

pirate, that may be one of the most horrifying pieces of video ever. she was apparently preggers at the time, too. sad.

and thanks!

nat, you're SO right. seems like the same thing's happening with britney, too.

Colleen said...

why did i push play?

JMai said...

I love that you found a photo of her in a celery green dress for this entry.

I'm sure that's an inappropriate comment, but I don't care. That's what struck me most when I looked at this post: "hey lookit, celery!"