Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Donald Trump: Arrogant Celery of Humanity

Can you think of any other real estate developer who has the kind of fame Donald Trump enjoys?

Let's not forget: long before he became a "reality" TV star, he was primarily a real estate developer. So how'd he become a household name outside of New York?

Was it the cheating on wife number one? The subsequent dumping of wife number two? The astonishingly scary hair? The odd manner in which he speaks? The constant loud blathering and harsh criticism of others?

And how is it that he's managed to convince three women to marry him? I know, I know. Money. Power. Fame. Plenty of women dig that. I still don't get it. Hell, I'd love to live a comfortable life, too... but spending time with the likes of him seems far too high a price to pay for that.

I'd suggest that someone who feels the need to put his name on all these products is compensating for some kind of shortcoming:

  • Donald J. Trump Men's Collection
    Trump Ice bottled water
    Trump Vodka
    Trump Magazine
    Trump Golf
    Trump Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor (in Trump Tower, NY, NY)
    Trump Bar (in Trump Tower, NY, NY)
    Trump Buffet (in Trump Tower, NY, NY)
    Trump University
    Trump The Game (1989 Board Game)

Not to mention all the buildings that bear his name.

Do you think he keeps his hair looking so hideous because of all the attention it gets? You know, in that "all publicity is good publicity" kind of way?

I'll admit it; I watched the first season of "The Apprentice," as millions of others did. I even enjoyed it, moreso when he was not on camera. He was not part of the appeal for me. So I'm at a loss to explain why anyone cares about what he says or does or marries or battles.

Donald Trump: Blowhard Celery of Humanity.


Jon said...

OMG, you had to mention the Trump Game. I own it!. I've had it forever, yet I don't think I've ever really played it. I took a picture of it in my closet as soon as I read this. I'll send it to you as proof that I am the bigger dork :D

Balloon Pirate said...

And the thing about him is that he panders to the ultrawealthy. Why are people so enraptured by a man who pretty much is in open contempt of the very people who make him so popular?

great post.


Laura said...

AAAG. Donald Trump, oh how I hate thee. I want to punch him in the mouth when he talks, the way he purses his lips. AGH I feel angrt just thinking about it!

JMai said...

He is such a little ickybum. But still, Terry... two posts about the Donald? This borders on celebrity stalking!

Hehe... stalking, celery.. get it, huh huh huh?

Mustafa ┼×enalp said...

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Lara said...


Perhaps the women like him because in comparison to him, they look exceptionally good! LOL

Jon said...

OK, there is more celery out there. Get to work!

Don Imus may be too easy of a target these days.

Natalia said...

I just got an invite to go see this bozo's son. He is doing a wealth management seminar. Is that a laugh or what???

I cackled out loud.


Darren said...

It's not the money...

Women are attracted to him because he has an cock of elephantine proportions. You heard it here first, folks!